Purenva Vitamin Box

Although the final product is a box that I designed by myself, the assignment started off as a group effort. We were assigned a vitamin type – multivitamins – which we narrowed down to an all-natural multivitamin for women. In naming our product "Purenva," we wanted to reflect how our product is healthy and natural.

In designing the box, I wanted to maintain an earthy feel by using brown paper as a base with greens and browns in the images and text. The imagery of avocados is meant to represent the product's health benefits, to peak the consumer's interest, and to show a hint of the vitamins' actual contents.



Some preliminary sketches and digital mockups, experimenting with imagery, content, placement of type, and mood of the packaging overall. While the final product maintains elements from my initial ideas, I focused largely on making the message of health and naturalness clear in my design.